ON TUESDAY, 17 July 2007 AT 7.30 PM

PRESENT: Cllr M Bates (Chairman)

Cllr B Hawkins

Cllr D Woods

Cllr D Roberts

Cllr P Flynn

Cllr W Kohler

Cllr P Mullock

Mrs J Fletcher (Clerk)




APOLOGIES – There were no apologies.



DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST - There were no declarations of interest in agenda items





The minutes of the meeting of 19 June 2007 were agreed and signed as a true record.





Fire Engine Shed

Cllr Hawkins is progressing the use of a CCTV camera directed on to the shed. Databridge has advised that their computer will need adjustment for which there will be a cost. Cllr Woods reminded everyone that there will be data protection implications which should be investigated.

Jackson’s Way footpath

Cllr Roberts stated that SCDC would not be involved with this type of work.

The Swan

Cllr Roberts advised that the required filters should be in place by 19th July.

Round Moat

Once papers are received from Mr Lucas the application will be submitted to Heritage Lottery fund.






Post Office Closures

The Government’s Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) has confirmed that 2,500 Post Offices across the UK are to close by 2009. That equates to the potential closure of 20-30 branches in Cambridgeshire.

Over the summer Post Office Limited will undertake local consultation before making restructuring decisions.

The County has undertaken to take steps to prevent closures of the local Post Office network wherever possible and, given that some closure are almost certainly inevitable, to work with partners to identify and pursue every opportunity to provide an alternative service in communities which lose their traditional Post Office.

The County Council has already stepped in to provide alternative Post Office facilities at Bar Hill Library after the village Post Office closed.

In future consideration could be given to using County Council buildings around Cambridgeshire for Post Office operations or to improving transport or community travel provision to enable people to reach Post Offices in other villages.

Jointly Funded Minor Highway schemes

Currently South Cambridgeshire District Council is not able to contribute to the Jointly Funded Minor Improvements programme. The County Council has decided to allocate £35,000 (rather than the previous £50,000, matched by SCDC) to enable some schemes in the district to go ahead. These will be subject to the same priorities as before and therefore very few will see the light of day.

Speed Limit Review

According to government guidance, speed limits on all A and B roads need to be reviewed by 2011. This has started but meanwhile it is highly unlikely that the County will consider changing existing limits unless third parties are prepared to pay.

Street light outside the Old Manor House

I had asked for a baffle to be placed on the light outside the Manor House to stop light shining into the bedrooms. You asked me to get an estimate for the work, as it is a parish council light. I am now told by the street lighting people that they will fit the baffle free of charge as part of their maintenance work.

Chevron on Pipers Close/London Road corner

As requested last month, I have had this reinstalled.


Mill Lane

The County is mulling over what to do about your desire to have the corner on Fowlmere Road, Melbourn reassessed. One of the sets of posts within Fowlmere is wooden. The others are concrete. Highways could propose suggesting to the house owners that they be replaced with standard plastic reflecting posts. These should cause no damage to vehicles striking them. Would you be happy with that solution?

The meeting agreed to accept plastic posts.

I believe the missing passing place sign has been replaced.

Various trees and grass on and near Cambridge Road triangle and road to Foxton

I hope these have been dealt with to your satisfaction.

Cassander Close

As requested last month, I have investigated the matter of the education section 106 money due to the County Council. I have reported back to the clerk that this is indeed the responsibility of the house owners if the builders have gone into liquidation. As you told me, one house is still left to sell and the County has a charge over it, just as it has over the other houses. It will seek first to get its money from sale of that house, but much will depend on the order of claims on the property.

A question has also arisen about the footways on Long Lane which were damaged by building work. The County has no obligation to undertake any remedial work in Cassander Close itself because it is unlikely that Cassander Close will be adopted. However where there is a part of the highway which has been adopted the County will remain responsible. It now seems that any resolution with the builder will be considerably delayed so it is likely that the County will reinstate the footway so that it is not dangerous. The challenge comes at the road entrance to Cassander Close. Here there is nothing against which to key a road surface because the builder has not completed the road surface inside the Close. A technical solution is being sought.

Melbourn Neighbourhood Panel

The police neighbourhood panels are being rolled out to those parts of Cambridgeshire which do not already have one. It's the turn of the Melbourn Sector to initiate its own panel on 24th July, when a meeting is to be held at Melbourn Village College. I hope you have received details.

Meanwhile the police are keen that more people should sign up to e-cops.

E-cops is, as its name suggests, a web-based communication system which allows citizens to communicate with the police and receive latest news updates. It is easy to sign up by going to:


When you sign up you will receive an e-mail confirming that you have joined

E-Cops. From then on you will be sent regular e-mails from your local

Police Officer. You will be able to respond to these e-mails with

information and feedback.

Long Road Closure

Long Road in Cambridge will be closed from 18th July to 2nd September to allow construction of the guided busway and associated cycle track and footway under the redundant railway bridge. As a result there are changes in bus routes during that period.

The 31's route will be severely curtailed. From Great Shelford it will travel along Mingle Lane, Hinton Way, Babraham Road and Hills Road to Addenbrooke's Hospital. The whole Trumpington loop will therefore disappear.

There are changes as well to the H1 route from Trumpington Park & Ride to Addenbrooke's.

A leaflet detailing all these changes should be available this week on buses. I have a few copies if anyone is interested.

New planning application system

From 1st October this year a new Standard Planning Application Form called 1APP is to be introduced for all planning authorities.

The basic form is intended to be used in interactive electronic mode, though it will be possible to use a paper-based version. Exactly what the consequences will be for planning authorities is still not clear and there is a possibility that introduction of 1APP may be delayed to iron out as many as possible of the potential bugs.

At this stage it is also unclear how statutory consultees such as Parish Councils will be affected.

Cllr Stone left the meeting at 8.00 pm





Clause 12(2)

Cllrs Woods, Roberts and Flynn were of the view that once a personal and prejudicial interest had been declared, a Councillor should leave the room.

Cllr Roberts proposed that with the omission of clause 12(2) the revised code of conduct should be adopted. This was seconded by Cllr Woods and the meeting agreed unanimously.







PRESENT: Cllr D Roberts, Cllr P Flynn, Cllr D Woods, Cllr W Kohler, Cllr B Hawkins

APOLOGIES: Apologies received from Cllr M Bates

1. Declaration of interest (if any)

Before discussion Cllr Roberts declared that if an application is later placed before South Cambridgeshire District Council she will approach any new information afresh.

The meeting declared a personal and prejudicial interest in item 4 – 7 Isons Close – as the applicant is the Chairman of the Parish Council.

2. S/1050/07/FExtensions, 11 Savile Way – Mr & Mrs Lester

The meeting had no objection to this application as the proposed extension will not affect other properties and similar structures already exist in the area.

3. S/1094/07/F– Conversion of walled garden courts to provide additional residential accommodation for disabled use – Mill Farm, Fowlmere Road, Melbourn – T & K Poulson

This property is outside the village envelope and therefore has planning restrictions. The meeting believe this proposal is overdevelopment as the replacement structures are far larger than the existing area. The meeting was unanimous in its objection of this proposed 6-room new development which is totally unacceptable and out of proportion for the proposed use. The PC had already objected to previous applications on the grounds of overdevelopment.

4. S/1175/07/F – First Floor Extension over garage – 7 Isons Close – Mr & Mrs Bates

The meeting declared a personal and prejudicial interest in this application as Mr Bates is the chairman of the Parish Council. There was no discussion.



Permission granted for application S/0690/07/F – 5 Pipers Close

Permission granted for application S/0783/07/F – 3 Chapel Lane

Permission granted for application S/0811/07/F – Appleacre Cottage, London Road

Permission granted for application S/0784/07/F – Laurelhurst, High Street

Application refused – S/0823/07/F – 4 Perks Close, Chapel Lane

Application refused – S/0824/07/LB – 4 Perks Close, Chapel Lane

Permission not required for application S/0934/07/PNA – Land at Long Lane

The meeting closed at 7.50pm



Matters discussed at current meeting

Housing Needs Survey

The results indicate a need for 13 houses within the next 2-5 years.

Cllr Roberts will advise the name of the SCDC Housing Association Liaison Officer who will be invited to an Autumn PC meeting.

Referring to the June PC minutes, Cllr Woods stated her objection to the use of the site opposite Chapel Lane.

Mr Wilkinson had spoken to Cllr Bates and been advised that all discussions should be directed to SCDC.





Cllr Roberts




Bell Tower

The rope has been found in the shed. The shed lock has been changed and Cllr Bates will arrange for Cllrs Woods and Roberts and the Clerk to have a spare key.

Chapel Electrics

Co-ordination between EDF Energy, Powergen and the electrical fitter although proving difficult is progressing.

War Graves Commission

A representative from the War Graves Commission has inspected the memorial stone for Private Payne and advised that there is no need for action for a number of years.







Cllr Kohler had noted that part of the fence at the Jackson’s Way side of The Green is down and one of the owner’s trees is in need of attention. A letter will be sent expressing the Council’s concern.

Cllr Kohler will discuss with Chris Wall minor work that is required in the Round Moat.

Cllr Kohler had inspected the dying tree behind 4 Ryecroft Lane and was of the opinion that action is not required immediately.

A copy of the map showing trees with TPOs will be passed to Cllr Kohler.

Cllr Roberts had noticed that the disease attacking Horse Chestnut trees is now in the village.


Cllr Woods has advised Hardy Landscapes that areas are being missed during the monthly cutting.

The path down the Butts has been edged by CCC. The path edge will now have to be maintained and the school will be asked to have this included in their grass cutting contract.


Cllr Roberts will speak to SCDC in an endeavour to have the hedges trimmed between Chapel Lane and Ryecroft Lane.




Cllr Kohler













Cllr Roberts




Minutes of the meeting of Fowlmere Parish Council Finance and General Purposes Committee held at the Dorothy Pluck Room, St Mary’s Church, Fowlmere Tuesday, 3 July 2007 at 7.30 p.m.

Present: Cllr D Woods (Chairman Finance), Cllr M Bates, Cllr B Hawkins, Cllr D Roberts, Cllr P Flynn, Cllr W Kohler, Mrs J Fletcher (Clerk)

Apologies for Absence: None

1 Minutes of the previous meeting

These had already been ratified at the January Parish Council meeting

2 Matters arising

There were no matters arising that had not been covered at previous Parish Council meetings.

3 Bus Shelter

Cllr Woods asked if there would be any financial impact due to the repair/replacement of the bus shelter. Cllrs Bates is completing the insurance claim form which is proving to be very complicated.

4. Review of Income and Expenditure

Cllrs Woods circulated figures for the last three months.

The accounts are with the internal auditor and as they cannot be returned in time, a week’s extension has been granted by Moore Stephens the external auditor.

5. Round Moat

Cllr Bates explained that Mr G Blackford of BC Group Trust had been present at the main PC meeting in June and had outlined the work that is necessary and the work that would be ideal, together with costs.

Cllr Bates has spoken to Mr A Lucas but the funding application is still not completed.

A letter has been received from Mr J Arriens who has dealt with the ivy on 50 trees and advised there are about 400 still to be done. A letter of thanks will be sent and Cllr Kohler will make contact to enlist help and advice.

Cllr Woods suggested the PC should encourage volunteers to work in the Round Moat.

6 Burial Board


Fittings have been installed and Powergen will visit on 9th July.

Structure of chapel

The arch over the door could become a problem in a few years.

Windows need attention but this could be costly.


Cllr Woods mentioned that parking is always a problem at the cemetery and wondered if the road could be flattened to accommodate cars. CCC, Highways Department, will be asked what is possible


Cllrs Bates and Hawkins had met with Messrs Sheldrick and marked the boundary of the land extension. The preference is for a hawthorn hedge and Cllr Hawkins will obtain prices for a hedge and grass seeding.

Cllr Roberts will investigate if funding for a new hedge is available from SCDC

7 Fire Engine Shed

A suggestion was made that concrete slabs should be placed round the newly refurbished shed.

Mrs S Dixon has removed the sand and disposed of the bags. A letter of thanks will be sent.

CCTV camera

Cllr Hawkins will obtain prices.

8 Trees and Grass

Cllr Roberts advised that horse chestnut trees in the Cambridgeshire area are suffering from disease. It was suggested that Councillors be aware of this serious problem and mention any trees that look diseased.

A number of letters requesting work on trees have been received.

Cllr Kohler will investigate and obtain costs so that the overall financial picture regarding trees in the village can be assessed at the July PC meeting.

Following the loss of a large bough from a tree in Isons Close, Cllr Roberts will request that the SCDC Tree Officer make an assessment.

9 Future Projects

The meeting agreed that due to the very high cost of committed projects nothing further can be considered this year.

10 Village Hall

Social Club accounts are still awaited. Cllr Bates will chase these at the next Village Hall meeting.

11 Other matters

Cheques signed at meeting

Hardy Landscapes May cut £1133.87

BT Bill to 19.6.07 £ 56.56

Handy Pete Fire Engine Shed £ 600.00

Nigel Wigg Fire Engine Shed £ 6,00.00

Cllr Woods and the Clerk will re-varnish the notice board at the Swan.

Cllr Woods will pass Care for Trees contact details to Cllr Kohler.

12 The next meeting will be held in October – date to be confirmed.

Meeting closed at 8.15 pm




Matters Discussed at Current Meeting


Bus Shelter

Cllr Woods asked what financial implications there were in replacing the shed.

Cllr Bates advised that before completing the insurance claim form prices of a replacement shelter were required.


The internal auditor has passed the accounts and these were now with Moore Stephens.

Cemetery Chapel Archway

Cllr Woods will investigate acquiring additional funding on top of what has already been agreed for the bell tower.

Hedge Surrounding Extra Cemetery Land

Cllr Roberts has still to investigate funding from SCDC.

Fire Engine Shed

An estimate of £550 has been suggested to surround the shed with a concrete path.

The cost of a 6" x 4" brass plaque will be investigated.

Village Hall

Cllrs Bates and Hawkins attended the Village Hall meeting and reported that disabled toilets are the top priority of work to be carried out.

Cllrs Bates will meet the Chairman of the Social Club in an attempt to collect a copy of their annual accounts.

A contribution from the PC is still expected but as yet no figure has been mentioned. Cllr Bates felt the PC had an obligation to support the village hall.

Cllr Roberts questioned what fund-raising has been organised by the village hall and felt that the village hall should be making every attempt to raise funds themselves for the work that is required.

Cllr Bates will circulate papers from the recent village hall meeting.

Cllr Woods was concerned at the affect on the precept if funds should be allowed for the village hall without maintaining ????

Date of next Finance Meeting

The next meeting will be 2nd October 2.007.









Cllr Woods











Cllr Bates






Cllr Bates


Cheques signed at the current meeting

Mrs J Fletcher June salary £ 395.04

Hardy Landscapes June grass cutting £1133.87

SeniorLink Monitoring 1.4.07-30.6.07 £ 263.49






Long Close Sign

Seven residents had reported the street sign is missing and requested a further sign for the opposite end of the Close.







Cllr Flynn felt there could be trouble this summer from youths.

Cllr Mullock will not be able to attend a number of future meetings due to ill health.

Cllr Woods asked what had been done to progress a tree for ex Councillor Newby.





PC Meeting Tuesday, 18th September 2007

Finance Tuesday, 2nd October 2007

PC Meeting Tuesday, 16th October 2007



The meeting closed at 9.20 pm



Clerk to the Parish Council: Julie Fletcher, 21 Ryecroft Lane, Fowlmere, SG8 7TT