ON TUESDAY, 18 December 2007 AT 7.30 PM


PRESENT: Cllr M Bates (Chairman)

Cllr D Woods

Cllr B Hawkins

Cllr D Roberts

Cllr P Flynn

Cllr W Kohler

Cllr P Cook

Mrs J Fletcher (Clerk)


8 Residents



APOLOGIES – Apologies were received from Cllr P Mullock and Cllr A Eades.



DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST - There were no declarations of interest in agenda items



MINUTES OF MEETING OF 20 November 2007 - were agreed and signed as a true record





Round Moat

Funding papers have still not been returned. MB will speak to Mr Lucas again and Cllr Woods felt a strongly worded letter should be sent.

Cassanders Close

The meeting was opened to the public

  • DR explained that as this subject is not an agenda item the matter can be discussed but no decisions will be possible.
  • DR felt that the PC’s solicitors should be approached to clarify whether the PC should do anything.
  • The concerned residents are moving towards setting up a company for maintenance of the open spaces – (all areas except those connected to social housing).
  • As the Developer is personally bankrupt and NatWest hold the assets an approach to the bank will be made by residents.
  • Cllr Stone confirmed that Highways Department has been contacted and CCC is awaiting confirmation that the residents are in a position to deal with the pavement.
  • DR received confirmation that the residents will keep the land as public open space.

The meeting was closed to the public





Mr M Sugden (Circle Anglia) and M Williams (SCDC) outlined the proposal to develop the ‘exception site’ at Cambridge Road with 11 affordable houses – 50/50 split of rented and shared ownership.

DR mentioned that the PC has been looking for a suitable site but previous schemes had been dismissed as proposals had been for over 20 houses which are more than required.

Mr Sugden confirmed that there was some design flexibility.

Mr Williams confirmed that the project would be placed before the Affordable Housing Panel at SCDC. Current planning policy is for 40 houses per hectare, parking spaces are usually 1.5 per house.

DW mentioned that previously only half the site was being considered for development.

DW stated that traffic movements should be considered.


At this point the meeting was opened to the public


The following points were raised:

  • Where is parish boundary in connection with this proposal? – site is outside the boundary.
  • Concern that there is not enough parking in the area – MB agreed that the road is not suitable for parking.
  • DR felt that parking is a very important issue.
  • Lighting on the proposed site should not cause problems to neighbouring properties.
  • Will 30 mph limit be extended? – probably not.
  • What are next steps. Mr Sugden stated that they would like an indication from the PC as to whether it would support the proposal or not.
  • DR stated that it would be preferable to lose one house and replace this with parking spaces.
  • MB stated that the PC is committed to pursuing the provision of affordable housing and the matter will be discussed at the January PC meeting.

The meeting was closed to the public and Mr Sugden and Mr Williams left.





Cllr T Stone provided the following report:

"Leaders and Chief Executives

The Conservative leader of the County Council has now resigned after Liberal Democrat and Labour demands that she should do so. As interim leader until next May the previous leader has been pulled out of retirement. Only the Conservatives understand why nobody in the cabinet was considered a valid replacement. Subsequently one cabinet member has resigned from the cabinet for family reasons and another has announced that he will leave the cabinet next February.

The Chief Executive's position has now been filled - also temporarily - by one of the Deputy Chief Executives who had been a candidate for the Chief Executive's job. The job search will be re-started at some time next year. As the interim Chief Executive already had a full-time job running the demanding Office for Children and Young People, some adjustments are being made.

Liberal Democrats are concerned that at a time when there are huge pressures on the Council and many performance indicators are going the wrong way it is very sad to see both the political and administrative leaderships of the council in temporary hands.

Government Settlement

We now know that the government will be giving the County 2% more cash than it did last year. This is at the lower end of expectations and will inevitably mean yet more cuts. Already Highways in our part of the county are braced for a reduction of £1million compared with the current year.

There are various complications which could make the picture better or worse than it appears. This includes money which used to go to the County being siphoned off to Cambridgeshire Together, being a quango of councils, Primary Care Trusts and the like, who are responsible for co-ordinating the county-wide Local Area Agreement.

We have tried to get proper democratic accountability for the various partnerships but the administration so amended our resolution that it now says the County is only interested in democratic accountability "where appropriate."

Negotiations continue about the exact nature of next year's budget.

Congestion Charge

I reported last month on the County's bid for Transport Innovation Funding for improvements in transport into and around Cambridge, which would have to include a congestion charge.

More Conservatives have now come out in public against the whole scheme, though they have yet to explain how they would stop Cambridge gumming up entirely.

The result has been that the Conservative administration is now backing off the whole scheme and is unwilling to promote it until consultation is finished. The Liberal Democrats believe that any scheme needs to be promoted on the basis of reducing pollution and a dramatic improvement in public transport. We have given the administration a list of requirements which would enable us to support a proposal, including proper consultation with the City and South Cambridgeshire District Council. We have not had a clear answer.

No Cold Calling Zones

You asked me to look into these zones some time ago.

The County has introduced No Cold Calling Zones in some 60 places so far. The idea is to restrict them to areas of need so that typically they will cover up to 40 houses and usually involve places where older and vulnerable people have been the target of rogue traders and distraction burglaries. All residents involved have to agree to the introduction of the Zone.

There has been a representation to the Office of Fair Trading by the Direct Selling Association, who represent companies such as Bettaware and Avon, saying that these Zones may be illegal. Cambridgeshire is reasonably confident that the restricted nature of the Zones in the county, the proof of need and the request of all residents involved shows that they are pretty certain to survive.

If you would like further information please contact David Broughton on 01954 284637 or Project Team Leader Cathy Inman on 01954 284646. The postal address is PO Box 450, Cambridge CB23 6ZR."


Further CCC business

MB explained that heavy traffic is trying to access the Butts Business Park by turning into Butts View at the War Memorial. As a result trees are being damaged on a regular basis.

MB asked if Highways Department would erect a sign at the entrance to Butts View showing there is no access to the Business Park.

Cllr Stone gave apologies for the January and February meetings.











PRESENT: Cllr D Roberts, Cllr P Flynn, Cllr D Woods, Cllr M Bates, Cllr W Kohler,

Cllr B Hawkins, Mrs J Fletcher (Clerk)

APOLOGIES: Apologies received from Cllr A Eades and Cllr P Mullock

IN ATTENDANCE: 21 Residents

1. Declaration of interest (if any)

Before discussion Cllr Roberts declared that if an application is later placed before South Cambridgeshire District Council she will approach any new information afresh.

Cllr Roberts and Cllr Woods declared a prejudicial interest in item 3 – Deans Farm.

Cllr Hawkins declared a prejudicial interest in item 1 – The Swan - Signs

2. S/2262/07/A – Signs, Swan House, High Street – Mr Rahman

Cllr Hawkins left the room at this point.

The meeting agreed that the red Perspex lettering is out of context on this prominent and important building on the High Street. The banner, which is also out of context, is unacceptable. There is too much signage proposed but the meeting would consider something more modest in material and colouring.

Cllr Hawkins returned to the room.

3. S/2268/07/F – Change of use of building to B1 industrial & of klargester, Deans Farm, Shepreth Road – A P Deans

Cllrs Roberts and Woods left the room at this point.

The meeting felt that before deciding on this application more information is required as to the nature of the industrial process to be carried out together with the disposal measures to be taken. Details of security and storage of the chemicals to be used is also required.

Cllrs Roberts and Woods returned to the room.

4. S/2207/07/F – Extensions, Field Cottages, Chrishall Grange, Chrishall Grange Road – Ms M Linford & Mr C Douthwaite

The meeting was happy to approve this application provided everything complies with SCDC policies for permitted development.

5. S/02181, 02183 & 02184/07/CW – Removal of Condition 1 of planning permission S/4755/02/CW, Variation of Condition 2 of planning permission S/1470/05/CW, Removal of Condition 1 of planning permission S/2349/03/CW – Land at Bridgefoot Farm, Newmarket Road, Heydon, Royston

The meeting recommended approval as long as the existing conditions apply.

Due to the contentious nature of the next item and the number of residents in attendance, Cllr Bates proposed that the Planning meeting be extended for a further 15 minutes and the monthly Parish Council meeting delayed for 15 minutes. Everyone was in agreement.

6. S/2287/07/F – Variation of conditions 6 & 7 of planning permission S/0268/99/F to allow extension of working times – Welding Alloys Limited, The Way – Welding Alloys Limited

The meeting unanimously agreed that the application is unacceptable. 21 people attended the Parish Council Planning Committee meeting on 18th December 2007 and the overwhelming opinion was that this application has gone too far: the following objections were cited:

Noise, traffic, light, waste operations for chemicals, extra changes to shift working patterns producing more movement in and out of the site of personnel and lorries.

As the factory is in the centre of a residential area, previous planning stipulations were included on the grounds of sensibility to ensure people achieved peace at a time when they are entitled to peace and also to ensure a good quality of life.

Refusal is strongly recommended but should SCDC Planning Officers reach a different view, the Parish Council asks that this application is not settled by delegated powers but that the matter goes to Committee.

The Parish Council feels that if Welding Alloys is operating such a successful business the owners should seriously consider finding more suitable premises elsewhere.


Due to time constraints the remaining business will be discussed during the PC Meeting following the Planning meeting.

The meeting closed at 7.45pm



Matters discussed at current meeting


Notification from SCDC that permission has been refused with regard to 32 Chapel Lane application.





Emails had been received from K Ayre and K Young requesting traffic calming measures be placed in the village.

DR advised that the Police are willing to carry out speed checks. The meeting agreed that a request should be made for the section between the War Memorial and Caravan Park.









There was nothing to report.





WK reported that the fallen tree at the electricity sub-station in Ryecroft Lane has been removed. The Clerk had telephoned EDF Energy advising that the tree had fallen and suggesting they carry out an inspection.






Following receipt of three quotations for grass cutting, the meeting agreed to stay with Hardy Landscapes.

Fire Engine Shed – the cost of a plaque is still to be investigated. Prices will be available for the 8th January Finance meeting.

Bus Shelter – MB will send the insurance claim form.




Cllr Flynn


Cllr Bates


Cheques signed at the current meeting

Mrs J Fletcher November salary £ 395.04

Fowlmere Friendship Club Over 60s Dinner £ 377.07

Gardencare Tree Ryecroft Lane £ 170.00

SeniorLink Monitoring £ 263.49

Michael Bates Chairman’s Allowance £ 148.91

Royal British Legion Wreath donation £ 50.00






Gardencare – suggested EDF Energy be informed that the wall surrounding their sub-station in Ryecroft Lane is unstable – Clerk has already written.

SCDC – MB will email other Councillors with details of the SCDC website containing a very important planning report.





Cllr Bates




Cllr Woods reminded everyone that matters discussed at PC meetings could not be mentioned outside a meeting until minutes had been ratified.

Cllr Roberts has investigated the approved plans for the development at Lynch Villa and the current work appears to be in keeping with the approval.





Finance meeting Tuesday, 8th January 2008

PC Meeting Tuesday, 15th January 2008

PC Meeting Tuesday, 19th February 2008



The meeting closed at 9.20 pm



Clerk to the Parish Council: Julie Fletcher, 21 Ryecroft Lane, Fowlmere, SG8 7TT