ON TUESDAY, 15 January 2008 AT 7.30 PM


PRESENT: Cllr D Roberts Acting Chairman

Cllr D Woods

Cllr P Flynn

Cllr W Kohler

Cllr P Cook

Cllr A Eades

Mrs J Fletcher (Clerk)



APOLOGIES – Apologies were received from Cllr M Bates, Cllr B Hawkins and Cllr P Mullock



DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST - There were no declarations of interest in agenda items



MINUTES OF MEETING OF 18 December 2007 - were agreed and signed as a true record





Cassanders Close

Cllr Roberts will ask SCDC legal department whether the PC should take further action.

Speed Checks

Speed checks will be carried out by the police.


Cllr Roberts




Cllr Roberts advised that the waiting list for affordable houses is very large.

The meeting felt that the site proposed by Mr M Sugden of Circle Anglia provides suitable access for a small development and therefore agreed to support the idea in principle and that Circle Anglia should approach SCDC.

Circle Anglia will be contacted and advised of this decision and asked to keep the PC informed at all stages.










Cllr Tim Stone had forwarded the following Report which had been circulation to all PC members prior to the meeting.

Chief Executive

In another surprise twist the County has announced that Mark Lloyd is to take over as the new Chief Executive of Cambridgeshire County Council. This is subject to full Council approval at a meeting scheduled for 10th January.

Mark Lloyd is currently Chief Executive of Durham County Council, recently judged by the Audit Commission as a top performing ‘Four Star Council’ that is ‘Improving Well’.

Durham was the only County Council named in 2007 as a Beacon Council for School Improvement and the Council has a strong reputation for managerial leadership and vision.

The odd thing is that it was Mr Lloyd who was chosen last year to take over as Chief Executive and was then reported as having withdrawn his application after intervention by the then Leader of the Council. Exactly what is behind all this no doubt the press will eventually uncover. But for the moment we can all be happy that the right person got the job.


If County matters seem to have gone a bit quiet recently it could be because of the amount of time and effort being spent on trying to make next year’s budget balance.

Congestion Charge

The Transport Innovation Fund series or roadshows rumbles on. Liberal Democrats have been highly critical of the Administration’s lack of a clear political lead. But it is reported that Cambridgeshire County Council transport chiefs want to make sure everyone has their say by logging onto www.cambridgeshire.gov.uk/congestion or visiting one of the roadshows, which will be touring the county in January and February. The most local one to us is to be held at Sawston Village College on Wednesday 23rd January between 3 and 9 p.m. You may also have been invited to a "briefing", which is much more exciting.

If anyone does attend, then they might like to make a plea for something to be done about the A505 between Junction 10 and the Sawston roundabout. I should be interested to hear the response.

Butts sign

Mike Cooper has been in touch with the clerk about signage at the Queen’s Head. I’m sorry that I didn’t make myself clear enough in my original message to Mike and I hope things are progressing satisfactorily.


Maybe some of you, like me, signed the e-mail petition against Stansted expansion. The response which we got from the Prime Minister’s office was pathetic. A great disappointment but frankly not surprising.

Cassander Close

I have been in contact with Mr and Mrs Pettit about the Cassander Close matters raised at the last Parish Council meeting. Discussions are far from over but I think we are making progress.









The Swan

Cllr Roberts advised that SCDC has still to make a decision on signage.

Welding Alloys

Cllr Roberts had been advised by Paul Sexton at SCDC that the Environmental Health Officers will visit site to carry out noise checks. A decision by SCDC will be made thereafter.






Cllr Woods advised that a grant may be available to repair the crack in the chapel wall.

Cllr Woods will investigate charges should burial services be required at the chapel and will report to Finance Committee.



Cllr Woods

Finance Mtg.




Cllr Kohler will inspect trees in the village.

Cllr Woods reminded the meeting that as a tree inspection in the village is a huge task, everyone should be prepared to help.

Cllr Roberts mentioned that the grass in Dovehouse Close is being used for parking. A SCDC Housing Officer has been requested to visit the site with a view to erecting a ‘No Parking’ sign. Cllr Eades suggested timber bollards be erected to prevent parking.

Cllr Kohler







Cllr Woods read the minutes of the 8th January 2008 meeting and explained the precept proposals.

The meeting agreed unanimously to submit a precept of £25,986.00.






Minutes of the meeting of Fowlmere Parish Council - Finance and General Purposes Committee held at the Dorothy Pluck Room, St Mary’s Church, Fowlmere Monday 8 January 2008 at 7-30 p.m.

Present: Cllr D Woods (Chairman Finance), Cllr M Bates (PC Chairman), Cllr P Flynn, Cllr W Kohler, Cllr P Cook, Mrs J Fletcher (Clerk)

Apologies for Absence: Cllr B Hawkins, Cllr D Roberts

1 Minutes of the previous meeting

Had already been ratified at the November Parish Council meeting

2 Matters arising

There were no matters arising that had not been covered at previous Parish Council meetings.

3 Review of Income and Expenditure

A copy of the spreadsheet was circulated and Cllr Woods reported that the PC is within budget.

Cllr Woods explained the proposals for the 2008 budget and suggested the allowances for the Fowlmere Friendship Club and Chairman should now be fixed amounts - £380 for Friendship Club and £150.00 for Chairman’s Allowance. The meeting agreed.

4 Precept

Cllr Woods proposed a precept of £25,986 – which is an increase of 8.1%.

5 Projects

Cllr Woods proposed that since the allowances for the Round moat and Village historian had been set up there had been no movement at all. These amounts should now be removed from the budget.

The allowance for the round moat will be added to the Trees, Grass and Hedges figure.

The Village historian amount could be used for other projects in the village.

The meeting agreed.

The meeting agreed that no additional projects will be undertaken in 2008.

6 Trees, grass and hedges

Cllr Woods suggested a plan of tree work for the whole year be drawn up. (Action Cllr Kohler)

7 Other matters

There was no other business.

8 Date of next meeting – Tuesday 8 April 2008

The following cheques were signed:

LT Services £730.00 Work at cemetery chapel

BT £ 68.42 Telephone bill

Meeting closed at 7.50 pm



Cheques signed at the current meeting

Mrs J Fletcher December salary £ 395.04

CCC Lighting maintenance £1148.76






Fowlmere Friendship Club

A thank you note for the PC contribution to the Over 60’s Christmas dinner had been received.





The sign at the Chapel Lane end of Long Close is missing. Cllr Bates had stated at the Finance Meeting that he would report this to SCDC.

A number of people had complained about the refuse collection over the Christmas period.

Cllr Kohler asked if dog owners in the village could be reminded that children play in this area and although in some cases the mess is cleared, not enough is cleared to safeguard the health of children.

A notice posted at the Post Office and a reminder notice sent to the Fowlmere & Thriplow News for inclusion in the next issue.

Cllr Bates










PC Meeting Tuesday, 19th February 2008

PC Meeting Tuesday, 18th March 2008

Finance Meeting Tuesday, 15th April 2008

PC Meeting Tuesday, 15th April 2008



The meeting closed at 8.10 pm



Clerk to the Parish Council: Julie Fletcher, 21 Ryecroft Lane, Fowlmere, SG8 7TT